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                      • The difference between lithium battery and battery (free maintenance gel battery)
                      • 2018-6-6 閱讀次數:[1174]
                      • Lithium battery advantages: the service life can be longer than 5 years, energy saving and environmental protection do not discharge carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, small volume and light weight, convenient installation, good effect, can resist high and low temperature, can be used in the temperature of -20 C -60 C.
                        The disadvantages of lithium battery: compared with gel battery, the cost is high.

                        The advantages of the maintenance free colloid battery: low cost and less than half of the price of lithium battery; when installing the solar street lamp, the colloid battery is buried underground in the battery box, and the anti-theft effect is good; compared with the traditional battery, it is good for overcharging, recharging and charging stability (heat control out of control).
                        The disadvantage of the maintenance free gel battery is that the volume is larger and heavier than that of the lithium battery, and it is prone to pollution when producing batteries, which is not environmentally friendly.

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