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                      Solar energy series

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                      • Solar street lamps for lithium batteries
                      • Technical parameters of solar street lamps
                        Protective lamps and lanterns: IP65
                        Use the light source: LED
                        Light source power: 15W-120W
                        Rated voltage and frequency: 12V
                        The lamp body is made of die-casting aluminum and is coated with polyester powder after anticorrosive treatment.
                        Applicable height: 4.5 m -10 meters
                        The lamp post is made of steel and is sprayed on the surface after hot galvanizing.
                        Note: the 6 meter reference price is about 1200 yuan. The price of the general solar street lamp is calculated according to the specific requirements of the use area and the demand. If you need further enquiries, please contact the online customer service or the electricity manager. Source manufacturers, provide qualifications, free guidance installation!
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